Volume 14, Issue 1

1. Average-case algorithms for testing isomorphism of polynomials, algebras, and multilinear forms

Joshua A. Grochow ; Youming Qiao ; Gang Tang.
We study the problems of testing isomorphism of polynomials, algebras, and multilinear forms. Our first main results are average-case algorithms for these problems. For example, we develop an algorithm that takes two cubic forms $f, g\in \mathbb{F}_q[x_1,\dots, x_n]$, and decides whether $f$ and $g$ are isomorphic in time $q^{O(n)}$ for most $f$. This average-case setting has direct practical implications, having been studied in multivariate cryptography since the 1990s. Our second result concerns the complexity of testing equivalence of alternating trilinear forms. This problem is of interest in both mathematics and cryptography. We show that this problem is polynomial-time equivalent to testing equivalence of symmetric trilinear forms, by showing that they are both Tensor Isomorphism-complete (Grochow-Qiao, ITCS, 2021), therefore is equivalent to testing isomorphism of cubic forms over most fields.

2. Equations in virtually class 2 nilpotent groups

Alex Levine.
We give an algorithm that decides whether a single equation in a group that is virtually a class $2$ nilpotent group with a virtually cyclic commutator subgroup, such as the Heisenberg group, admits a solution. This generalises the work of Duchin, Liang and Shapiro to finite extensions.