The journal of Groups, Complexity, Cryptology is an international journal publishing high quality papers in the following areas:

  • combinatorial and computational group theory;
  • complexity theory;
  • cryptology.

The journal welcomes papers in any of these three areas (including, but not limited to, papers which combine these topics). The journal publishes both research papers (containing new and original results) and survey articles (which provide an overview of a field of research within the scope of the journal).

All submitted papers are peer-reviewed before publication.

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ImpressumThe journal of Groups, Complexity, Cryptology is published by its Editorial Board, represented by its Managing Editors: 

Murray Elder
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
University of Technology Sydney
Broadway, NSW 2007, Australia


Vladimir Shpilrain
Department of Mathematics
The City College
New York, NY 10031 — U.S.A.

Contact: gcc-contact@episciences.org

ISSN: 1869-6104